About last night…

You and your best friend just had one demanding week, filled with stressful finals, endless amounts of caffeine and more all-nighters than you ever assumed were humanly possible.

The two of you should really have a chill night and catch up on sleep, but you attempt to rationalize why going out makes more sense — you’re in college, you only live once, you just made it through another semester of finals and you deserve to celebrate. Plus… it is Thirsty Thursday at Shenanigans Pub, which means $2 mixed drinks.

You and your best friend end up getting completely obliterated and the last thing you remember is taking a shot called “The Tornado” before blacking out entirely.

You wake up the next morning in a bed you don’t recognize with an individual you don’t know; and you cringe realizing you have to ask the question you really don’t want to ask —

Did we… you know?