LGBTQ Doesn’t Mean Disease Free

Statistics show that at least 75% of women who identify as lesbian have had sexual intercourse with men and about two-thirds of the time it was unprotected sex.  If you or your partner had sex with a man your risk for STD’s and HIV is comparable to that of a heterosexual woman.

You might also believe that because you are young, or because you are having sex with others who are young, that you don’t need to think about HIV or AIDS. In fact, younger gay and bisexual men are fast becoming infected with HIV.

STDs (Herpes), Hep C and Aids can all be transmitted through sexual activity, and while they can be managed, there are life-long health consequences and they never go away. To become infected with HIV, the virus needs to get into your bloodstream. Some types of sex make it very easy for this to happen, while other types of sex are less risky.