Top 6 College Party Warning Signs

Top 6 College Party Warning Signs

For many college students, partying and having a good time is seen as part of the experience. While this can certainly be true, there are a variety of different sobering statistics you should keep in mind:

  • Roughly 1,825 students die each year in unintended alcohol-related accidents, with almost another 600,000 being seriously injured.
  • 400,000 students report having unprotected sex while under the influence.
  • 97,000 students report being a victim of alcohol-induced sexual assault or rape.

These statistics don’t necessarily mean you need to abandon the idea of college parties forever. However, the combination of “binge drinking” and lowered inhibitions puts your safety and the safety of others at risk. 

Socializing in college is arguably just as important as attending classes: many people find lifelong friends in college and get a better idea who they want to be as they enter adulthood. However, college is also a pivotal time to keep your safety in mind. For many people, college is the first time away from the support system of their families, so inhibitions may go out the window because of their newfound “freedom.”

With the spring semester underway, it’s essential to make sure you have the right mindset in regards to drinking to ensure you enjoy yourself without causing any undue risk. Here are six things you should keep in mind about college parties:

Watch Who Makes Your Drinks


Drugs like roofies, or even drinks with a deceptive amount of alcohol content, can be a significant hazard for people at college parties, especially women attending alone. Be sure to keep an eye on your drinks as they are being made to make sure they aren’t being tampered with and avoid any drinks that you didn’t pour yourself. 

Rotate Water Between Drinks

Alcohol serves as a diuretic, which means you can get dehydrated even if you’re drinking. Rotating drinks of water between alcoholic beverages is a good way to help keep you safe, and as a bonus, it can reduce the severity of hangovers. 

Have A Plan In Place To Get Home

Drunk driving is a major hazard across the country, but especially in college towns. Make sure that you have a designated driver in place or are prepared to use taxis/a ride service to get home. Avoid accepting rides from people you don’t know, as you can’t be sure of their intentions.

Have Protection If You Plan To Have Sex

Hookups are a common part of a lot of college parties, but it’s essential to protect yourself. If there’s even a chance that you may engage in sexual activity at a party, make sure that you have some form of protection with you. 

Know Your Limits

One of the most destructive sides of college-age-drinking, in particular, is the idea of binge-drinking to get drunk as possible. This not only leads to a higher risk of reckless behavior but potential alcohol poisoning. Be sure to have an idea beforehand of how much you plan on drinking and make sure you don’t go over that limit. Another good idea is trying to nurse a single drink, rather than rapidly consuming multiple beverages.

Try To Avoid Partying Alone, If Possible 

Even if you are vigilant about your drink, there is a chance you might be momentarily distracted and allow an opportunity for tampering. If you have a friend by your side, it will be harder for someone to slip something in your drink without being noticed. 

Along with this, some people may think they have an idea of their alcohol tolerance, only find themselves debilitated by their alcohol intake. A friend is also a crucial aid in this scenario. If you misjudge how much alcohol you can handle at a party, a trusted friend can take you home or contact help. 

College is the gateway to the rest of your life. Make sure you are heading down the right path by being mindful of your drinking and partying habits and getting tested regularly for STDs and HIV. Different diseases have different periods of incubation, and all may not show symptoms right away. Even if you try to do your best to follow safe practices, there is always that potential risk of catching common STIs. This makes testing important so that you can develop a treatment plan as quickly as possible with minimal impact on your health and wellbeing.

Getting Tested in 2020

Getting Tested in 2020

HIV and STD testing is something that’s often recommended to just about anyone engaging in sexual activity, especially those in high-risk categories like gay/bisexual men, those who have multiple partners, and those that do not use condoms. 

However, while you may have a lot of resources telling you to get tested, what may be less clear is how you go about actually getting tested. Here’s a starter resource on putting together an HIV/STD testing schedule, as well as where you can go for this testing and some facts about certain diseases on these tests. With approximately 20 million new STD infections each year, this is knowledge any sexually-active person can benefit from. 

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What is PrEP? 2020 Update

What is PrEP? 2020 Update

Acting against HIV and AIDS has taken a variety of different forms, from advocacy to promoting safe sex habits, to innovation in the medical world. That last category will be our focus. There may be a chance that you have heard of PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis), a drug that supposedly rapidly minimizes the risk of HIV infections, even in potentially high-risk situations. Here’s a closer look at the supposed miracle drug and its possible applications.  

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Naughty Or Nice

Naughty or Nice

The holiday season is an exciting and enjoyable time for most people, the chance to reconnect with loved ones, and disengage from the stresses of the outside world for a bit. However, there is another side of the holidays that is far less known: indeed, the holiday season the time of year where interest in sex rises the most, based on search terms around this time. 

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The Best of World AIDS Day

December 1st, 2019, marked this year’s World AIDS Day. With roughly 37.9 million people living with AIDS worldwide, awareness about the condition, existing treatments, and safe sex practices are more critical than ever. The theme for this year is “Communities Make The Difference.” Here’s a profile of some of the memorable moments and steps that have been taken worldwide during this year’s events.

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What Are You Bringing Home For the Holidays?


Thanksgiving is a very family-oriented holiday, coming second only to Christmas. This is proven by the fact that over 50 million Americans decide to travel somewhere else to spend the holidays with family or friends.

A large portion of these Americans happen to be young adults, with approximately 23 percent of all young adults deciding to travel back home for the holidays. This is over twice the number of people in their 40s that decide to go visit family or friends for Thanksgiving.

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Fort Worth Support for HIV & AIDS


The state of Texas is no stranger to the threat of HIV and AIDS. In fact, there are over 86,000 people living in the state of Texas that are currently suffering from HIV or AIDS, with the likelihood that thousands more are wandering around with the disease who do not even know it yet.

7 percent of these cases occur in the city of Fort Worth alone. Luckily, for anyone living in the Fort Worth area that does suffer from HIV or Aids, there are a variety of resources that are readily available to make living with these diseases more manageable.

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How to Find Love In College


College is the place where young minds go to receive higher education in preparation for landing their dream jobs. However, multiple studies have been done which reveal that many people have an alternative motivation for going to college. As it turns out, 63 percent of female college students have stated they want to meet their future spouse while attending college.

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Drinking Your Way to Bad Decisions

Bad Drinking Decision

It should come as no surprise that this country has developed a close relationship with alcohol. Besides a brief period in the 1920s when prohibition was enforced, alcohol has been around and freely enjoyed for centuries. It was so important to us as a culture that even during the middle of prohibition when there were severe penalties for making and distributing alcohol, thousands of people around the country continued to do it and millions more continued to drink it in secrecy.

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Dating With Disease: Having a Partner With Hepatitis

Dating KissThe thought of dating someone who has a disease might be extremely unnerving to some people. However, it is important to understand not all diseases are made equal. Even the many strains of a disease are far different from each other.

For example, the different types of hepatitis vary greatly from each other in many ways. That is why individuals should take the time to educate themselves on the specifics of each type of hepatitis and what it means to date someone who has them. Here is an in-depth guide of everything you need to know about having a partner with hepatitis.

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